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Go ahead & satisfy your Hair Craving!

At Elite Solutions, commitment to our clientele, staff, and business has been and will always be to source out the best options available for each and every client regardless of the investment and time involved. We recognize and value the trust that has been placed in us, and that is why decisions regarding education and hair extension methods are intelligently made with integrity and honesty to help preserve that trust and confidence.

As you do your research, you will find out that in the world of hair extensions there are 100’s of choices. Unfortunately, 85% of them come with a high cost…..not just financially speaking. We have seen the results of the wrong hair extension experience from other salons, and it should really be enough to close most of them down. In most cases unfortunately, they don’t close down, and so you will find many salons offering hair extensions that are either not suited for the type of hair the client has, or not applied with a specific technique that is healthy for the hair. The result is a grudge purchase and a heart broken client.

At Elite Solutions, we are against broken hearts! Hair extension methods are designed to enhance a woman’s life. They are designed to satisfy our “Hair Craving”……to be an age defying tool, powerful enough to ultimately help women bring their “Sexy” back! After all, beautiful, healthy hair is of the utmost importance to all women!

After searching high and low and living through our clients’ experiences, we decided to offer only superior types of Keratin based Hair Extension methods worthy of representing Elite Solutions.

Introducing Elite Strands

A revolutionary method that combines beautiful silky hair with a method that is non-damaging and a price that is easy on the pocketbook. With Elite Strands we have narrowed two of the best Keratin Strand by Strand options that will deliver seamless, natural, gorgeous hair without the messy glue or hair loss. How were we able to do this? Through years of research, training, and wearing hair extensions ourselves!
Elite Strands come pre-tipped with a Keratin Protein Polymer. The polymer is the synthetic equivalent to what our hair is made up of…..Proteins. To attach Elite Strands, one by one we take a tiny section of your hair and by applying heat to the Keratin tip we mold it onto your hair about 1/4 inch away from the scalp. Maintenance for the Fusion Strands is done every 2-3 months by one of our certified hair enhancement specialists.

The Results

Go ahead ladies; satisfy Your “Hair Craving” by adding:

  • Length

  • Thickness / Volume

  • High Lites or Low Lites

  • Bright colors that won’t fade

  • Fill in breakage- Healthy Hair!

  • Fun Colors without bleach


The Cost of Hair Extensions is always determined by the quality and thickness of your own hair, the size of your head, your desired length, AND most importantly, the relationship the Studio has with the vendors. As we all know, cheap never pays off…..especially when it comes to our hair. Remember, please be wise in the decisions you make about your hair extensions. Do your research, and put your trust only in a reputable, established salon that displays great ethics and honesty. A salon that truly shows a pride and passion for what they do.
We encourage you to book a free consultation with us so that we can understand your expectations and desires. We will evaluate and expertly color match your own hair and schedule your Hair Extension Application Appointment. At that time, we will be able to give you an exact cost for your hair including the application, cut and style.

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